Fifty Fathoms Blancpain: a model to the box Satin Red Gold

Blancpain is continuing the development of one of its icons... Indeed, the manufacture in le Brassus has just unveiled a new model of Fifty Fathoms; a satin red gold coin which will be available for Christmas 2014. While waiting for winter, here is in detail, this new timepiece of diving in an ultra-luxurious version Replica Watch.

On the occasion of Basel 2007, the Manufacture in le Brassus has revisited this legend watch and water sports, this watch simply mythical, developing a collection composed of three models: an automatic watch equipped a new caliber, a chronograph with a flyback function version and a timepiece housing a prestigious flying tourbillon.

Waterproof to 300 metres and equipped with characteristics of diving, these vague new Fifty Fathoms married dials, glasses and black bracelets to enclosures of 45 mm in diameter, steel, red or white gold.

This model is back for Christmas 2014 in a beautiful version equipped with a beautiful Satin Red Gold case. Other features of this 'diver' remaining identical. Even waterproof to 300 metres. Same index and needles oversized ensuring optimal readability. Same color black dial and bezel, highlighting in contrast the luminescent signs.

The rotating bezel remains a key part of the Breitling replica watches with its relief notched facilitating handling and its unidirectional rotating system avoiding any involuntary extension of the dive time. Crafted in scratch-resistant Sapphire, one of the toughest subjects, and equipped with a light convex relief which restricts the shocks, this bezel is distinguished by its luxurious finishes.

Recall that the Fifty Fathoms. was born of the encounter between Blancpain and two exceptional personalities. In 1952, Captain Robert "Bob" Maloubier and acting sub-lieutenant Claude Riffaud are loaded by the french Ministry of defence to create a unit of elite called "Combat swimmers".

Finding no watch able to withstand the extreme conditions of underwater missions, the two officers are turning to Blancpain with a very precise specifications, as the revolutionary unidirectional bezel.

With their know-how and their visionary spirit, watchmakers and manufacturing engineers then design a timepiece that will be required as the archetype of the diver's watch. The original model was launched in 1953.

Originally, its tightness is guaranteed up to 50 fathoms English (91,45 m), from where its name. The Fifty Fathoms quickly forged a reputation of reliability and robustness with special forces from several countries.

She is adopted by many specialists of ocean exploration, including the famous GERS ("group of studies and research underwater"). She also accompanies the team Commander Cousteau and Louis Malle during the filming of the "world of Silence".

In 1997, Blancpain is the tightness of the Fifty Fathoms to 300 m depth. In 2003, the factory celebrates the 50th anniversary of this legendary model by proposing a limited series featuring a new domed scratch-resistant Black Sapphire bezel. To increase the visibility in all circumstances, Blancpain has chosen a new shade of luminescent coating applied on indexes, the markings on the bezel and needles; form trapeze on the Black Sun dial indexes as well as the scale of the last fifteen minutes on the bezel optimize reading comfort.

The automatic Calibre 1315 is derived from the 13R0 manual winding Calibre, presented in October 2006. Fruit of a long quest of simplicity, precision and performance, it was designed from the outset to equip resolutely sport watches.

Blancpain it has a very dense bimetallic rotor which ensures high efficiency of reassembly. For the rest, this movement incorporates most of the features that were already the 13R0 size of exception, including its pendulum without racket or gooseneck, but with regulating screws on serge.

This screw system is ideal for a sports watch: it avoids that shock changes the position of the paddle or the gooseneck, altering the watch market. To ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the setting, Blancpain has endowed the micrometric screws or square heads; the watchmaker can more easily visualize the corrections made.

For the sake of robustness, the pendulum is in glucydur, heavier than the titanium used in the 13R0. Blancpain manufacturers have also tried to find the most efficient solutions at the level of the energy storage. They included to give the movement an autonomy of optimal market, while ensuring a constant energy at any time. The new calibre 1315 has an exceptional power reserve of about 6 days.

To meet this challenge, Blancpain it was equipped with three barrels mounted in series. Because of the choice of a glucydur balance, the three mainsprings were recalibrated to this movement.

Another technical development: the calibre 1315 incorporates a date display allowing the fast change of the date at midnight in a direction either. In addition to very studied form of the various parts you can admire finishes in the spirit of haute horlogerie: strokes drawn, bevelling, beadwork, strapping... Add a note of exclusivity.

Large rubies are directly hunted in bridges and turntables to keep the Visual magic of traditional movements. The Sunburst adorning bridges echoes that of the rotor. To prevent disturbances to the influence of magnetic fields, the calibre 1315 equipping the Fifty Fathoms is locked in a cage protecting it from all sides.